Austerity: The Lived Experience

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نام کتاب : Austerity: The Lived Experience
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Contents\nAcknowledgments\n1. Austerity as Lived Experience: An Introduction\nPART ONE: THEORY AND IDEOLOGY\nIntroduction: Manufacturing the Common Sense of Austerity\n2. Articulating Austerity and Authoritarianism: Re-imagining Moral Economies?\n3. Speaking Austerity: Policy Rhetoric and Design beyond Fiscal Consolidation\n4. No Deal Capitalism: Austerity and the Unmaking of the North American Middle Class\n5. Framing the Economic Case for Austerity: The Expansionary Fiscal Contraction Hypothesis\nPART TWO: IMPACT AND CONSEQUENCES\nIntroduction: Austerity on the Ground\n6. Care and Control in Long-term Care Work\n7. “Negotiate Your Way Back to Zero”: Teacher Bargaining and Austerity in Ontario, Canada\n8. Austerity and the Low-Wage Economy: Living and Other Wages\n9. Immigration in an Age of Austerity: Morality, the Welfare State, and the Shaping of the Ideal Migrant\n10. Pension Reforms in the Context of the Global Financial Crisis: A Reincarnation of Pension Privatization through Austerity?\nPART THREE: CLASS, RESISTANCE, ALTERNATIVES\nIntroduction: The Old Strategies Don’t Work, so What’s Possible?\n11. From Austerity to Structural Reform: The Erosion of the European Social Model(s)\n12. Austerity of Imagination: Quebec’s Struggles in Translating Resistance into Alternatives\n13. Social Democracy and Social Pacts: Austerity Alliances and Their Consequences\n14. Austerity and Political Crisis: The Radical Left, the Far Right, and Europe’s New Authoritarian Order\n15. Conclusion\nContributors

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