Canadian Foreign Policy, 1966-1976: Selected Speeches and Documents

دانلود کتاب Canadian Foreign Policy, 1966-1976: Selected Speeches and Documents

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کتاب سیاست خارجی کانادا، 1966-1976: سخنرانی ها و اسناد منتخب نسخه زبان اصلی

دانلود کتاب سیاست خارجی کانادا، 1966-1976: سخنرانی ها و اسناد منتخب بعد از پرداخت مقدور خواهد بود
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نام کتاب : Canadian Foreign Policy, 1966-1976: Selected Speeches and Documents
عنوان ترجمه شده به فارسی : سیاست خارجی کانادا، 1966-1976: سخنرانی ها و اسناد منتخب
سری : Carleton Library Series; 118
نویسندگان :
ناشر : McGill-Queen's University Press
سال نشر : 1980
تعداد صفحات : 385
ISBN (شابک) : 9780773591691
زبان کتاب : English
فرمت کتاب : pdf
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Cover\nTitle\nCopyright\nAcknowledgements\nDedication\nContents\nPreface\nAbbreviations\nI. The United Nations\n Editorial Note\n 1. Canada as a Member of the Security Council\n A. Peace Keeping\n 2. Canadian Policy Regarding the Middle East\n 3. Canadian Participation in the United Nations Emergency Force for the Middle East\n 4. Status of the Palestinians-Canadian Policy\n B. Disarmament\n 5. Nuclear Non-Proliferafion Treaty: The Canadian Position\n 6. Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT)\n 7. Canada\'s Uranium Policy\n 8. Canada\'s Obligations as a Nuclear Power\n 9. Nuclear Relations with India\nII. Nato\n 10. Canada and NATO-Implications of France\'s Withdrawal\n 11. Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions\n 12. Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions\n 13. Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe-Final Report*\n A. A New Defence Policy. 1969\n 14. A New Defence Policy for Canada\n 15. Defence in the 1970s\n 16. NATO in 1973-How it Serves Canadian Interests\nIII. Canada-United States Relations\n A. Economic Relations\n 17. Canada- United States Economic Relations in the Mid-1960s\n 18.A New Look at the Canada- U.S. Automotive Agreement\n 19. The \"Nixon Doctrine\", August 15, 1971\n B. Foreign Ownership and Transnational Corporation\n 20. Foreign Ownership and the Multinational Corporation\n 21. The Issue of Foreign Investment\n 22. Foreign Investment and Energy-Areas of Vital Concern to the U.S. and Canada\n C. Defence\n 23. NATO and North American Air Defence\n 24. Renewal of the NORAD Agreement, March 30, 1968\n D. The Third Option\n 25. Canada and the United States-The \"Third Option\"\n E. Air and Water Pollution\n 26. Transboundary Water Problem-Niagara\n 27. Transboundary Water Problems-The Garrison Diversion\nIV. The Far East\n A. Indochina\n 28. Call for Bombing Pause in\r Vietnam\n 29. The Ronning Missions to Hanoi\n 30. Bases of Canada\'s Policy on Vietnam\n 31. The Seaborn Visits to Hanoi in 1964 and 1965\n 32. Conditions for Canadian Participation in the ICCS\n 33. Canada Withdraws from the ICCS\n B. China\n 34. Establishment of Diplomatic Relations with the People\'s Republic of China\n C. Japan\n 35. Canada and Japan\n 36. The State of Canada\'s Trade with Japan\nV. The Commonwealth\n 37. The Commonwealth-a Canadian Approach\n A. Rhodesia\n 38. The Use of Sanctions against Rhodesia\n B. South Africa\n 39. Canadian Policy Towards Southern Africa\n C. Nigeria\n 40. The Conflict in Nigeria: Basic Canadian Policy\n D. The Commonwealth Caribbean\n 41. Canada and the Commonwealth Caribbean\nVI. International Economic Policy\n 42.Basic Trade Policy for the Mid-1960s\n 43. Canadian Trade Policy with the Soviet Bloc\n 44. Canada and the Kennedy Round\n 45. Basic Tariff Policy for the Mid-1960s\n 46. Canadian Trade in the Early 1970s\n 47. World Economic Problems: Food, Oil, Inflation-the Canadian Approach in the Mid-1970s\n 48. The Dollar Floats Again\n 49. Canada, Britain, and the Common Market\n 50. Canada and the European Economic Community\n 51. The Contractual Link-a Canadian Contribution to the Vocabulary of Co-operation\nVII. International Development\n 52. Aid: General Policy-1966\n 53.A New Approach to Aid\n 54. Aid and Trade with Developing Countries\n 55. Oil and the Less-Developed Countries\n 56. Food Aid\n 57. North-South Confrontation\n 58. Strategy for International Development (1975-80)\nVIII. The Environment\n 59. The Environment: Canada\'s Approach\n 60. Law of the Air\n 61. Law of the Sea: I. Sovereignty In the Arctic\n 62. Law of the Sea: II. The Territorial Sea and Fishing Zones Act\n 63. Law of the Sea: III. The 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone\n 64. Law of the Sea: IV. The Seabed\n 65. Stockholm Conference: Declaration on the Human Environment\nIX. The Provinces and Foreign Policy\n 66. Vive Le Quebec Libre\n 67. Canada, Quebec, and France\n 68. The Chevrier Mission to Francophone Africa\n 69. The Gabon Affair-Libreville\n 70. The Provinces and Foreign Policy\n 71. The Kinshasa Conference\n 72. Confernce des Ministres de l\'education: Paris, 1 au 4 decembre 1969\n 73. Canada and La Francophonie\n 74. Conference de Niamey, mars 1970\n 75. Modnlites selon lesquelles le Gouvernement du Quebec est admis comme Governement Participant aux Institutions aux Activites et aux Programmes de L\'Agence de Cooperation Culturelle et Technique, Convenues le 1 octobre 1971 entre le Gouvernement du Canada et le Gouvernement du Quebec.\n 76. Alberta and Oil Diplomacy\nX. Foreign Policy Review: 1968-1970\n 77. Canadian Foreign Policy, 1967\n 78. Canada and the World, 1968\n 79. The Relation of Defence Policy to Foreign Policy\n 80. Foreign Policy for Canadians\n 81. Foreign Policy for Canadians\n CANADA-U.S.S.R. Relations\n 82. Canada and the Soviet Union\nSuggested Reading

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