Fear and Fantasy in a Global World

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نام کتاب : Fear and Fantasy in a Global World
عنوان ترجمه شده به فارسی : ترس و فانتزی در دنیای جهانی
سری : Textxet: Studies in Comparative Literature
نویسندگان :
ناشر : Brill | Rodopi
سال نشر : 2015
تعداد صفحات : 418 [419]
ISBN (شابک) : 900430603X , 9789004306035
زبان کتاب : English
فرمت کتاب : pdf
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ترس و فانتزی در یک جهان جهانی مجموعه ای از مقالات است که فرآیندها، معانی و روابط بین ترس و خیال در جهان جهانی شده را از دیدگاه های بین رشته ای و تطبیقی ​​جسورانه بررسی می کند.

فهرست مطالب :

Fear and Fantasy in a Global World Copyright CONTENTS Acknowledgments Introduction Part 1: Local Fears, Global Anxieties The Transmissive Self and Transmissive Objects in the Age of Globalization Dreamlandic Fantasy: Consumerism and Control in Bragi Ólafsson’s The Pets “Territories of Risk” within “Tropological Space”: From Zero to 2666, and Back Mexico’s Fearscapes: Where Fantasy Personas Engage in Citizenship Part 2: The Limits of Knowledge: Fantasy and Identity Formation The Site of Initiative. Towards a Hermeneutic Framework for Analysing the Imagination of Future Threats Conflict with the Perception of Time as Fertile Ground for Collective Insecurity: The Frightening Reality of Scientific Facts and their Transformation in Literary Fiction Fearful Fantasy: Figurations of the Oedipus Myth in Scorsese’s Shutter Island (2010) Laugh Away the Fear! The Satisfaction of Comical Fantasy in the Holocaust Film Comedies of the Late 1990s Viennese Fantasies, Austrian Histories: Space, Fantasy and Fascism in Ingeborg Bachmann’s Malina and Liliana Cavani’s The Night Porter Part 3: Boundaries and Performance: Language, Memory and Fantasy A Politics of Form: Fantasy and Storytelling as Modes of Resistance in the Work of Atxaga and Kundera Memory and Fantasy in Antoine Volodine’s Minor Angels The Fantasy of the Archive: An Analysis of Orhan Pamuk’s The Museum of Innocence The Digital Meta-Dissemination of Fear in Music Videos. A Transdisciplinary Textual Analysis of Two Case Studies: Esben and the Witch’s Marching Song and M.I.A.’s Born Free Part 4: Uncanny Representations of the Self and the Other Shaft which Ran: Chinese Whispers with Auerbach, Buck, Woolf and De Quincey The Phantom in the Mirror: Duplication, Spectrality, and the Romantic Fear of Fantasy in Wordsworth, Coleridge and De Quincey Habitability and Spectres in the House of Language: Approaching (Post)Modernity in Las flores del frío, by Luis García Montero War on Fear: Reinterpreting Dante’s View of the “Infidel” Notes on Contributors Index

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Fear and Fantasy in a Global World is a collection of essays which examines the processes, meanings and relations between fear and fantasy in the globalized world, from bold interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives.

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