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توضیحاتی در مورد کتاب INSTAGRAM FOR DUMMIES.

عنوان ترجمه شده به فارسی : اینستاگرام برای آدمک ها.
سری :
نویسندگان :
سال نشر : 2019
تعداد صفحات : 371
ISBN (شابک) : 9781119593935 , 111959393X
زبان کتاب : English
فرمت کتاب : pdf
حجم کتاب : 47 مگابایت

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فهرست مطالب :

Title Page
Copyright Page
Table of Contents
About This Book
Foolish Assumptions
Icons Used in This Book
Beyond the Book
Where to Go from Here
Part 1 Getting Started with Instagram
Chapter 1 Instagramming Like a Pro
Figuring Out What You Need to Get Started
Discovering How to Add Posts to Your Instagram Account
Connecting with Others on Instagram
Exploring the Excitement of Instagram Stories
Creating Videos with IGTV
Chapter 2 Installing Instagram Ever y where
Installing Instagram Wherever You Want to Use It
Installing the app on your iPhone
Installing Instagram on your iPad
Installing the app on Android
Installing on a Windows PC
Installing on your Mac (sort of)
Exploring Instagram on the Web
Starting to Gram Instantly
Chapter 3 Setting Up Your Profile
Personal Profile Practices
Choosing a username and name
Deciding on a profile photo
Writing a Dazzling Bio
Deciding what information to include
Formatting your bio
Considering layouts for your bio
Adding a web address to your bio
Taking Advantage of a Business Profile Upgrade
Setting Your Account Privacy Settings
Chapter 4 Navigating Instagram
Scrolling through the Feed
Making Sense of the Instagram Algorithm
Exploring the World of Instagram
Finding and viewing the Explore page
Searching for what makes you happy
Checking Your Notifications
Chapter 5 Why Isn’t This Working?
Installation Issues
Dealing with compatibility issues
Checking your space
Unfreezing an installation on your iPhone or iPad
Finding a missing app on your iPhone or iPad
Resolving issues on an Android device
Log-In Difficulties
Checking your username
Fixing password issues
Dealing with a disabled account
Finding Relief for Common Problems
Instagram won’t share
Getting Instagram to notify you
Nothing Is Working . . . Now What?
Reporting a problem on your iPhone or iPad
Reporting a problem on your Android smartphone or tablet
Getting Rid of Error Messages
Can’t add a comment
Can’t delete comments
Can’t refresh feed
Can’t follow anyone else
Part 2 Getting Creative with Instagram Content
Chapter 6 Taking and Posting Great Photos
Taking Your Best Shot
Improving Your Best Shot
Applying a filter
Tweaking with the editing tools
Saving your changes (or not)
Enriching Your Photo
Describing your photo
It’s good to have options
Posting Your Photos: Ta Da!
Uploading Photos from Your Camera Roll
Uploading Multiple Photos to One Post
Selecting multiple photos
Applying filters and adding photos
Editing photos individually
Adding information and sharing your photos
Chapter 7 Recording and Posting Great Videos
Recording Videos
Filming with a smartphone or tablet
Recording multiple video clips
Deleting video clips
Checking out your video
Improving Your Video
Applying a filter
Changing the cover frame
Adding details
Posting your video
Uploading a Stored Video
Uploading Multiple Videos from an iPhone or iPad
Chapter 8 Personalizing Your Post
Determining How Long Your Captions Should Be
Formatting Your Caption
Including Calls to Action in Your Caption
Tagging People in Your Posts
Adding Locations to Your Posts
Taking Advantage of Hashtags
Knowing where to place hashtags in your post
Identifying how many hashtags is ideal
Finding the right hashtags for you
Saving hashtags for repeated use
Creating a new hashtag
Part 3 Connecting with a Community on Instagram
Chapter 9 Finding People to Follow
Where Are My Peeps?
Syncing your contact list
Finding New Friends
Exploring the Explore function
Searching the Search feature
Letting Instagram suggest users to you
Deciding Whom to Follow Back
Viewing and following your followers
Reciprocating a follow or not
Finding Your Tribe
Finding or creating a community you vibe with
Deciding whether Instagram pods are beneficial
Chapter 10 Interacting with Other Instagrammers
Interacting with the Posts in Your Feed
Replying to Comments on Your Own Posts
Responding to comments from the Notifications tab
Responding to comments from the post itself
Deciding to delete a comment
Keeping Instagram Healthy by Reporting the Bad Eggs
Reporting a commenter
Reporting from an iOS device
Reporting from an Android device
Blocking a commenter
Chapter 11 Direct Messaging with Others
Starting a New Direct Message
Sharing Photos and Videos via Direct Message
Sharing GIFs
Using Voice Messages
Creating a New Group Message
Replying to a Direct Message
Using Live Chat in Direct Messages
Navigating Your Inbox
Getting Rid of Unwanted Messages
Part 4 Telling Tales with Instagram Stories
Chapter 12 Exploring Instagram Stories
Finding Stories to Watch
Interacting with Stories You Watch
Forwarding through the things you don’t like
Going back to the things you want to see again
Pausing a story to see more
Reacting to a story
Understanding Story Limitations
Upload criteria limitations
Playing-time limitations
Accessing the Story Camera
Editing your settings
Changing the camera from regular to selfie mode
Chapter 13 Creating Instagram Stories
Planning a Story from Start to Finish
Deciding What to Share
Sharing your less-than-perfect stuff
Showcasing your personality and lifestyle
Adding a Story Photo
Adding a Story Video
Filming with the stories camera
Experimenting with all the camera options
Uploading a video from your camera roll
Adding a Text Post
Saving Your Story
Saving before publishing
Saving after publishing (within the 24-hour active window)
Automatically saving all your stories
Accessing your archives
Chapter 14 Adding Style to Your Stories
Jazzing Up Your Story Post Using Stickers
Location, mention, and hashtag stickers for search and notifications
GIFs, sliders, emojis, and more
Questions, polls, quizzes, chats, and more
Countdown and Music stickers to intrigue your followers
Picture in picture for the fun of it
Deleting stickers that don’t work
Personalizing Stories with Doodles
Saying More with Text
Changing your font option
Removing your text boxes
Chapter 15 Sneaky Story Sharing
Sharing Another Story to Your Own Story
Sharing Some Stories to Select People
Sharing via a direct message
Sharing to your Close Friends list
Sharing Regular Instagram Posts to Your Stories
Changing Your Story into a Regular Instagram Post
Chapter 16 Using Instagram Highlights to Keep Your Content Alive
Getting Acquainted with Highlights
Creating a New Highlight Gallery
Adding a highlight from your profile
Adding a highlight from an active story
Naming and customizing your highlight
Setting a cover image for your highlight
Creating a custom cover image
Adding Content to a Highlight
Sharing a current story
Finding an archived story
Deleting a story from a highlight
Coming Up with Fun Ideas for Highlights
Chapter 17 Going Live on Instagram
Getting Started with Live Videos
Knowing When to Go Live
Developing a Game Plan
Interacting with Live Guests
Inviting a Guest onto the Live Broadcast
Saving Live Broadcasts and Sharing Them
Part 5 Becoming a Pro at IGTV
Chapter 18 Understanding IGTV
Finding IGTV within Instagram
Finding IGTV within the IGTV App
Understanding How IGTV Videos are Formatted
Tapping Into Whose Videos You’re Seeing
Chapter 19 Creating an IGTV Presence
Setting Up an IGTV Channel
Using your mobile device to set up IGTV
Using your computer to set up IGTV
Uploading Videos to IGTV
Using your mobile device to upload
Using your computer to upload
Creating Quality Content for IGTV
Making your videos shine
Using the video description to your advantage
Responding to Comments on Your Videos
Part 6 The Part of Tens
Chapter 20 Ten Things Not to Do on Instagram
Using the Same Name as Your Username
Picking an Irrelevant Username
Using a Bad Profile Photo
Not Including a Bio
Ignoring Instagram Stories
Not Using Captions
Tagging People Who Are Not in the Photo
Following Everyone Who Follows You
Using Automated Tools to Follow or Like Others
Chapter 21 Ten Types of Great Instagram Photos
The Human Element
Adorable Animals
Bold Colors
White Space
Make It Blue
Flat Lays
Long Angles
Rule of Thirds
Organic Environments

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