Kingdoms in Peril, Volume 4: The Assassins Strike

دانلود کتاب Kingdoms in Peril, Volume 4: The Assassins Strike

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نام کتاب : Kingdoms in Peril, Volume 4: The Assassins Strike
عنوان ترجمه شده به فارسی : پادشاهی در خطر، جلد 4: حمله قاتلان
سری :
نویسندگان :
ناشر : University of California Press
سال نشر : 2023
تعداد صفحات : 472
ISBN (شابک) : 9780520381117
زبان کتاب : English
فرمت کتاب : pdf
حجم کتاب : 3 مگابایت

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فهرست مطالب :

Contents\nMap: The Kingdoms of the Warring States Period circa 260 b.c.e.\nList of Main Characters\nChapter Eighty-four. The Earl of Zhi diverts the water supply to flood the city of Jinyang. Yu Rang stabs a garment in order to take revenge on Lord Xiang.\nChapter Eighty-five. Le Yang angrily eats the stew provided by Zhongshan. Ximen Bao proudly escorts a bride for the River God.\nChapter Eighty-six. Wu Qi kills his wife in order to be appointed a general. Zou Ji plays the qin so as to become prime minister.\nChapter Eighty-seven. Having persuaded the ruler of Qin, Shang Yang changes the legal code. Having said goodbye to the Master of Ghost Valley, Sun Bin descends the mountain.\nChapter Eighty-eight. Sun Bin pretends to have gone mad in order to escape from disaster. Pang Juan finds his army defeated at Guiling\nChapter Eighty-nine. On the road to Maling, Pang Juan is shot to bits by crossbow bolts. In the marketplace of Xianyang, Shang Yang is torn to pieces by five oxen.\nChapter Ninety. Su Qin creates the Vertical Alliance and becomes prime minister of six countries. Zhang Yi is forced into going to the kingdom of Qin.\nChapter Ninety-one. Although he intended to abdicate, King Kuai of Yan actually brings about a war. By pretending to offer a gift of land, Zhang Yi succeeds in tricking Chu.\nChapter Ninety-two. In a bronze ding-lifting competition, King Wu of Qin breaks his leg. In rushing to a meeting, King Huai of Chu falls into Qin’s trap.\nChapter Ninety-three. The Royal Father of Zhao starves to death at the Shaqiu Palace. The Lord of Mengchang sneaks through the Hangu Pass.\nChapter Ninety-four. Feng Huan dances with his sword to gain a position with the Lord of Mengchang. The king of Qi raises an army to attack the Wicked King of Song.\nChapter Ninety-five. Having persuaded four countries to this effect, Le Yi destroys Qi. Stampeding cattle with their tails aflame allows Tian Dan to defeat Yan.\nChapter Ninety-six. Lin Xiangru bends the king of Qin to his will not once but twice. The Lord of Mafu singlehandedly lifts the siege on the Han capital.\nChapter Ninety-seven. A “dead” Fan Ju plots his escape to the kingdom of Qin. A false “Zhang Lu” openly humiliates the Wei ambassador.\nChapter Ninety-eight. Having taken hostage the Lord of Pingyuan, the king of Qin demands Wei Qi’s head. After the defeat at Changping, General Bai Qi massacres the Zhao army.\nChapter Ninety-nine. Although innocent, the Lord of Wu’an dies at Duyou. Having hatched a cunning plan, Lü Buwei sends Prince Yiren home.\nChapter One Hundred. Lu Zhonglian refuses to allow Qin to become emperor. The Lord of Xinling steals a tally to rescue Zhao.\nChapter One Hundred and One. The king of Qin destroys Zhou and moves the Nine Dings. Lian Po defeats Yan and kills two of their generals.\nChapter One Hundred and Two. On the road to Huayin, the Lord of Xinling defeats Meng Ao. At the Hulu River, Pang Nuan beheads Ju Xin.\nChapter One Hundred and Three. The king’s uncle gets rid of the Lord of Chunshen in a power struggle. Fan Yuqi circulates criticism in an attempt to punish the king of Qin.\nChapter One Hundred and Four. Gan Luo achieves high office at a young age. Ai Lao uses a faked castration to bring the Qin palace to chaos.\nChapter One Hundred and Five. Mao Jiao removes his clothes to remonstrate with the king of Qin. Li Mu retreats inside the walls of his encampment to stop Huan Yi’s advance.\nChapter One Hundred and Six. Wang Ao comes up with a plan to get Li Mu killed. Tian Guang cuts his throat after recommending Jing Ke.\nChapter One Hundred and Seven. On presenting a map, Jing Ke’s assassination attempt throws the Qin palace into chaos. After a discussion of military strategy, Wang Jian replaces Li Xin.\nChapter One Hundred and Eight. Having united six kingdoms, a fresh plan of the country is drawn. After taking the title of First Emperor, Zheng of Qin establishes a new order.

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