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نام کتاب : Microsoft Architects Journal
عنوان ترجمه شده به فارسی : مجله معماران مایکروسافت
سری :
ناشر :
سال نشر : 2009
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زبان کتاب : English
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فهرست مطالب :

The Architecture Journal, #21, \"Service Orientation Today and Tomorrow\"
Foreword by Diego Dagum
\"Design Considerations for Software plus Services and Cloud Computing\" by Jason Hogg (Rob Boucher) et al.
Column: \"Design-Time Selection of Web Services for Composite Applications\" by Shrikant Mulik and Manish Godse
Column: \"Speed Up to the Next Level of Enterprise Architecture\" by Mario Fraiß and Erwin Zinser
\"Model-Driven SOA with \'Oslo\'\" by César de la Torre Llorente
Column: \"Language Is the Interface (Cloudly Speaking)\" by Nagaraju Pappu
Column: \"What’s Your Orientation?\" by Pietro Nick Romano
\"An Enterprise Architecture Strategy for SOA\" by Hatay Tuna
Column: \"Enterprise SOA Critical-Success Factors\" by Adrian Grigoriu
Column: \"Four Pillars of Successful SOA Adoption\" by Dennis Smith
\"Enabling Business Capabilities with SOA\" by Chris Madrid and Blair Shaw
Column: \"Measuring the ROI of Your SOA\" by Jeff Niblack
Column: \"SOA Success Factor: Service Virtualization Supports SOA Governance\" by Rama Vangipuram
\"Service Registry: A Key Piece for Enhancing Reuse in SOA\" by Juan Pablo García-González, Veronica Gacitua-Decar, and Dr. Claus Pahl
Column: \"A Simple, Successful EA/SOA Model\" by Tom Hansen and Michael Andersen
\"How the Cloud Stretches the SOA Scope\" by Lakshmanan G and Manish Pande
Column: \"Calculating the Economic Viability of Cloud Computing for Your Organization\" by Shy Cohen
\"Event-Driven Architecture: SOA Through the Looking Glass\" by Udi Dahan
Column: \"Service-Oriented Architecture and Its Implication in Business\" by Manoj Manuja, Rajender Kalra, and Ruchi Malhotra
Column: \"Toward Web-Scale SOA\" by Carlos Pedrinaci, Elena Simperl, Reto Krummenacher, and Barry Norton
Column: \"How Managed Is Your SOA?\" by Aarti Kaur
\"Is SOA Being Pushed Beyond Its Limits?\" by Grace A. Lewis
Column: \"SOA at Credit Suisse: Success Through Continuous Governance\" by Dirk Becker
Column: \"Considerations when Building an Enhanced SOA Framework\" by Alex Cameron
Column: \"Extending Service Boundaries to Infrastructure Resources\" by Nayan B. Ruparelia and Salim Sheikh

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