Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments: Judges’ Troubles and the Gendered Politics of Identity

دانلود کتاب Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments: Judges’ Troubles and the Gendered Politics of Identity

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کتاب قضاوت های فمینیستی شمالی/ایرلندی: مشکلات قضات و سیاست جنسیتی هویت نسخه زبان اصلی

دانلود کتاب قضاوت های فمینیستی شمالی/ایرلندی: مشکلات قضات و سیاست جنسیتی هویت بعد از پرداخت مقدور خواهد بود
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نام کتاب : Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments: Judges’ Troubles and the Gendered Politics of Identity
عنوان ترجمه شده به فارسی : قضاوت های فمینیستی شمالی/ایرلندی: مشکلات قضات و سیاست جنسیتی هویت
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ناشر : Hart Publishing
سال نشر : 2017
تعداد صفحات : 701
ISBN (شابک) : 9781849465748 , 9781509908936
زبان کتاب : English
فرمت کتاب : pdf
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A prayer to St Bridget in her most pagan incarnation\nForeword\nAcknowledgements\nContents\nThe Contributors\nAbbreviations\nTable of Cases\nTable of Statutes and Legislation\nPart I: \rIntroduction\n 1\n Introduction: Troubling Judgment\n The Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments Project\n Feminist Judgments Projects and Feminist Judging Methodology\n Possible New Directions\n Troubling Judgment\n The Organisation of the Book\n Potential Applications and Implications\n Cases by Subject Area88\n 2\n \"Involuntary Patriotism\": Judgment, Women and National Identity on the Island of Ireland\n Projecting Identity: Judges, Ethnos and Law\n Judgment, Women and National Identity: Mothers for the Nation\n Mothering in the Rewritten Judgments: Exposing and Undoing Judicial Identity Commitments\n Conclusion: Hesitant Fathers, Rebellious Daughters\n 3\n Doing Feminist Judgments\n Introduction\n Feminist Judgments Projects\n Identity and Feminisms\n Technical Knowledge and Feminist Judging\n Feminist Knowledge: Practical Wisdom\n Conclusion\n 4\n Judging and the Judgment Writing Process: A Northern/Irish Perspective\n Introduction\n Judgment Writing Within the Project\n Northern Ireland\n Republic of Ireland\n Voice of Women in Northern/Irish Legal Orders\nPart II: Mothering Subjects\n 5\n Commentary on McGee v Attorney General\n Hearing Mrs McGee\n The Marital Family in McGee\n McGee and Conscience\n Beyond the Judgment: Transformative Illegality\n Conclusion\n 6\n Commentary on Flynn v Power\n Introduction\n The Facts of Flynn v Power\n Social Context\n The High Court Judgment\n Crafting a Feminist Judgment\n The Feminist Judgment\n Conclusion\n 7\n Commentary on MhicMath\\xfana v Attorney General\n Introduction\n Background and Context\n The High and Supreme Court Judgments\n The Feminist Judgment\n 8\n Commentary on theMatrimonial Homes Bill\n Introduction\n Marriage as Partnership\n The Authority of the Family\n Role of the Woman in the Home\n 9\n Commentary on National and Provincial Building Society v Lynd\n Introduction\n Case Context\n The Feminist Judgment\n Conclusion\n 10\n Commentary on The Report of the Tribunal of Inquiry into the \"Kerry Babies Case\"\n Introduction\n Social Context\n The Facts\n The Feminist \"Judgment\"\n The Tribunal of Inquiry\n Female Credibility in Courtroom Proceedings\n Community Support\n Conclusion\n INDEX\nPart III: Othered Subjects\n 11\n Commentary on McGimpsey v Ireland\n Introduction\n Understanding McGimpsey v Ireland\n Political Context\n Questions of Citizenship and Standing\n From One or Other Community\n Concluding Remarks\n Locus Standi\n The Merits\n 12\n Commentary on In Re White\n Introduction\n Women in Politics during the \"Troubles\"\n The Northern Ireland Multi-Party Peace Negotiations\n Women in Politics after the Good Friday Agreement\n The Interface Between Law and Politics in Northern Ireland\n Conclusion\n Proceedings to Date\n Does \"representative of the community\" in the context of parading refer only to the two sectarian blocks?\n What is the scope of the Secretary of State\"s discretion to appoint?\n Did the Secretary of State act \"as far as practicable\" to ensure representativeness?\n The Intervention of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission\n 13\n Commentary on Lobe v Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform\n Social, Policy and Legal Context\n Lobe and Osayande-the Supreme Court Decision\n The Aftermath\n The Feminist Judgment\n The Future Situation of Irish Citizen Children and Their Non-Irish National Family Members in Ireland\n 14\n Commentary on Zappone and Gilligan v The Revenue Commissioners, Ireland and the Attorney General\n Introduction\n Dynamic Constitutional Interpretation\n Discrimination and the Role of Parliament\n Child-rearing as a Locus of Prejudice\n 15\n Commentary on In Re E (a child) (the \"Holy Cross\" case)\n Introduction\n Taking the Case: The Importance of Strategic Litigation to Women\n Taking the Case\n Transcendental Legal Nonsense?\n 16\n Commentary on O\"Keeffe v Hickey\n Introduction\n The Action\n The Decision of the European Court of Human Rights in O\"Keeffe v Ireland\n The Feminist Judgment\n 17\n Commentary on Christian Brothers High School Clonmel v Mary Stokes and the Equality Authority\n Introduction\n Particular Disadvantage\n The Feminist Judgment\nPart IV: \rChoosing Subjects\n 18\n Commentary on Attorney General v X\n Introduction\n The Emergence of Article 40.3.3\n The Harm of Article 40.3.3\n Attorney General v X Re-imagined\n \"One Step Forward \"35\n Concluding Remarks\n 19\n Commentary on North Western Health Board v HW and CW (the PKU case)\n The Power Structures of the Irish Constitutional Family\n Mandatory Medical Services?\n The Judgment\n Implications\n 20\n Commentary on PM v The Board of Management of St Vincent\"s Hospital and Justin Geoghegan and the Attorney General\n Introduction\n Placing PM at the Centre of the Judgment\n Agency\n The Importance of a Relational Approach to Autonomy\n Conclusion\n The Facts\n Conduct of the Hearing\n Fair Procedures\n The Requirement for Consent to Medical Treatment\n Status of Advance Refusals in Irish Law\n Other Relevant Constitutional Rights\n Presumptions\n The Evidence Provided\n Decision\n 21\n Commentary on Re Family Planning Association of Northern Ireland v The Minister for Health, Social Services and Public Safety\n Background to Judgment\n Further Legal Developments\n Further Social/Cultural Developments\n Limitations of Legal Judgment\n Feminist Judgment-What Difference It Might Have Made?\n 22\n Commentary on Society for the Protection of Unborn Children\"s Application for Judicial Review\n The Facts\n Injecting a Feminist Approach and Reconsidering Medicalisation\n The Northern Ireland Context\n Deciding on SPUC\"s Challenge\n Envoi\nPart V: \rEmbodied Subjects\n 23\n Commentary on DPP v Tiernan\n The Decision\n Application of Tiernan\n The Feminist Judgment\n 24\n Commentary on McKinley v Minister for Defence\n Introduction\n The Original Supreme Court Judgments in McKinley\n A Dilemma for the Feminist Judge\n The Feminist Judgment\n A Broader Vista?\n An Alternative Approach\n 25\n Commentary on BJM v CM\n Introduction\n The High Court Decision\n Irish Law on Marital Breakdown\n The Feminist Judgment\n The Embodied Subject\n Marriage\n Conclusion\n 26\n Commentary on DPP v C\n Introduction\n DPP v C\n The Right to Sexual Agency\n Victimisation\n Conclusion\n 27\n Commentary on CC v Ireland\n Introduction\n This Commentary\n Context and the Age of Consent\n Responsibility for Wrongs and Culpability\n Responses to Sexual Violence: The Efficacy and Legitimacy of the Punitive State\n Conclusion\n 28\n Commentary on Foy v An t-Ard Chl\\xe1raitheoir\n Background to the Case1\n The 2002 Foy Judgment\n The 2007 Foy Judgment\n Political and Legislative Developments Post-2007\n The Gender Recognition Bill 2014\n Feminist Judgment of Ms Justice Ní Mhuirthile\n Analysis of the Feminist Judgment\n 29\n Commentary on Barnes v Belfast City Council\n The Facts\n Interpreting the Law\n Evaluating the Expert Evidence\n Presentation of Evidence\n How the Judgments Construct Lennox\n Conclusion\n 30\n Commentary on A and B (by C) v A (Health and Social Services Trust)\n Introduction\n Unpacking Racism in Northern Ireland\n The Impact of Northern Ireland\"s Cultural Dynamics\n Situating the Feminist Perspective\nGlossary of Terms\nIndex

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