Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics: Vol. 2

دانلود کتاب Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics: Vol. 2

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نام کتاب : Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics: Vol. 2
ویرایش : Reprint 2020
عنوان ترجمه شده به فارسی : نظریه احتمالات و آمار ریاضی: جلد. 2
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ناشر : De Gruyter
سال نشر : 1987
تعداد صفحات : 720
ISBN (شابک) : 9783112313985 , 9783112302712
زبان کتاب : English
فرمت کتاب : pdf
حجم کتاب : 38 مگابایت

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Contents\nPreface\nMixing properties for f-expansions\nNon-linear time-domain analysis of Gaussian processes\nMalliavin calculus for discontinuous processes\nAccompanying laws for processes with independent increments\nDiffusion approximation of multitype branching processes\nCharacterization of queues and its stability estimates\nOn the entropy of expansions with odd partial quotients\nOn the rate of convergence in Maruyama\'s invariance principle\nOn a general growth model possessing a subexponential growth rate\nStochastic partial differential equations as stochastic space-time models\nLevy-Baxter type theorems and strong sub-Gaussian random processes\nPrincipal component analysis under correlated multivariate regression equations model\nApproximation of statistics distribution by convolutions of generalized Poisson measures\nSome general results in control theory\nOn The Rate Of Convergence Of Distributions Of Semimartingales\nOn Ito\'s excursion law, local times and spectral measures for quasidiffusions\nOptimum design of general intraclass regression experiments and general analysis of covariance experiments\nLimit theorems for functionals of geometric type of homogeneous isotropic random fields\nOn Bounds Foe The Minimax Risk\nAsymptotical properties of the local density of measures for semimartingales and some of their applications\nGeneralizations Of The Law Of The Iterated Logarithm\nLimit theorems for sums of random variables with a stable limit law\nEstimates and asymptotic expansion of the remainder term in the CLT for randomized decomposable statistics\nMultiparametric Brownian Motion On Symmetric Spaces\nMarkov maps in noncommutative probability theory and mathematical statistics\nClasses Of Limit Laws For Functions Of Some Statistical Estimates\nTopological and probabilistic characterizations of some classes of Banach spaces and operators\nAsymptotic expansions of the distributions of sums of i. i. d. Hilbert space valued random variables\nLimit theorems for order statistics based on sums of random variables\nMarkov additive processes: large deviations for the continuous time case\nHodges-Lehmann Efficiency Of Nonparametric Tests\nAn operator approach in limit theorems for sums of the type n-1/p Sn in Banach spaces\nPointed Priors And Asymptotics Of The A Posteriori Risk\nStokes-Boussinesq-Langevin Equation And Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem\nThe barycenter concept of a set of probability measures as a tool in statistical decision\nSolutions of Bogolyubov equations for infinite three-dimensional systems of particles\nInequalities for the maximum of partial sums of random variables and the law of the iterated logarithm\nA characterization of a Gaussian vector based on Kagan-Linnik-Rao theorem\nExtreme Functionals In The Space Op Probability Measures\nANODIV: generalization of ANO VA through entropy and cross entropy functions\nLimit theorems involving restricted convergence and the continuation theory of distribution\nOn approximation accuracy for distribution functions of the sum of independent random variables using infinitely divisible distributions\nOn the kinematic dynamo problem in a random flow\nOn the probability of large excursion of a nonstationary Gaussian process\nWeak convergence of integral type functionals\nCharacterizing the distributions of the random vectors X1, X2, X3 by the distribution of the statistic (X1 -X3, X2 - X 3)\nOn large deviations for the probability density of sums of independent random variables\nOn Normal Approximation In Hilbert Space\nAlmost-Even Number-Theoretical Functions\nLimit theorems for randomly indexed sums in a separable Banach space\nSome properties and applications of Feynman measures in the phase space\nOn limit theorems for multilinear forms\nCharacteristic functional and cylindrical measures in DS-groups\nOn Pareto-type distributions\nRenewal method in the theory of semi-Markov processes on arbitrary spaces\nInnovation problem for a class of Ito processes: filtration problem for multi-dimensional diffusion type processes\nOn Gaussian approximation in Hilbert space, non-identically distributed random variables case\nStatistics on the set of the naturals\' partitions, limit forms of young random diagrams and asymptotic distributions on the space of positive series\nBellman Inequalities FDR Markov Decision Drift Processes\nCoexistence of low temperature continuous spin Gibbs states

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