Religion in Museums: Global and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

دانلود کتاب Religion in Museums: Global and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

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کتاب دین در موزه ها: دیدگاه های جهانی و چند رشته ای نسخه زبان اصلی

دانلود کتاب دین در موزه ها: دیدگاه های جهانی و چند رشته ای بعد از پرداخت مقدور خواهد بود
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توضیحاتی در مورد کتاب Religion in Museums: Global and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

نام کتاب : Religion in Museums: Global and Multidisciplinary Perspectives
عنوان ترجمه شده به فارسی : دین در موزه ها: دیدگاه های جهانی و چند رشته ای
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ناشر : Bloomsbury Academic
سال نشر : 2017
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ISBN (شابک) : 9781474255523 , 9781474255547
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Cover\nHalf Title\nSeries\nTitle\nCopyright\nContents\nFigures\nList of Contributors\nAcknowledgments\nForeword: Museums, Religion, and Notions of Modernity\nIntroduction: Religion in Museums, Museums as Religion\n Outline of the volume\nSection I Museum Buildings\n 1 Museum Architecture and the Sacred: Modes of Engagement\n The Associative Mode\n The Magisterial Mode\n The Therapeutic Mode\n The Redemptive Mode\n Conclusions\n Notes\n References\n 2 Toward a Theology of the Art Museum\n Tillich on Art and Architecture\n “Secular Spirituality” and the Contemporary Art Museum\n Beyond the Secular\n References\n 3 Native Americans on the National Mall: The Architecture of the Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution—.Inter\n Introduction\n Interview with Douglas Cardinal, 14 Lodge Rd., Ottawa, ON, October 23, 2015\n Interview with Tim Johnson, Associate Director for Museum Programs at the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian I\n Notes\n References\nSection II Objects, Museums, Religions\n 4 The Museumification of Religion: Human Evolution and the Display of Ritual\n Immersive Riverside Museums\n Religious Objects\n Conclusion\n Notes\n References\n 5 Altar as Museum, Museum as Altar: Ethnography, Devotion, and Display\n Recreating Shrines in Museums\n References\n 6 Religious History Objects in Museums\n Challenges and Opportunities\n Sacred Spaces: Senses and Sensibilities in the Museum\n Conclusion\n Notes\n References\n 7 Archaeological Displays: Ancient Objects, Current Beliefs\n Past Religions\n Current Religions\n The Question of Human Remains\n Conclusion\n Acknowledgment\n Note\n References\n 8 Museums, Religious Objects, and the Flourishing Realm of the Supernatural in Modern Asia\n Magic in the Museum\n The Temple as a Museum\n Performativity and Genealogy\n Sacred Images in Motion: The Goddess Mazu\n Conclusions\n References\nSection III Responses to Objects, Museums, and Religion\n 9 Devotional Baggage\n Objects to Bless\n Objects to Leave\n Being Seen\n Conclusion\n Notes\n References\n 10 Transactional and Experiential Responses to Religious Objects\n Seeing Salvation at the National Gallery, London: A Case Study\n Transactional Responses\n Experiential Responses\n Conclusions\n References\n 11 Museums and the Repatriation of Objects, 1945–.2015\n Background\n Nazi Spoliation\n Repatriation to Indigenous People in the United States, Canada, 0Australia, and New Zealand\n Unprovenanced Antiquities\n The Debates\n Universal Museums\n Notes\n References\n 12 The Case for the News Media’s Critical Engagement with Museum Religious Exhibits\n Note\n References\nSection IV Museum Collecting and Research\n 13 Museum Collection and the History of Interpretation\n Art, Colonialism, Mission History, and the museum\n Art History, Visual Culture, and the Pictorial Turn\n Research Agendas and the Mission of Museums\n Notes\n References\n 14 Community-Led Museums Exploring Religious Life in Canada: Abbotsford’s Sikh Heritage Museum and Mennonite Heritage Museum\n Museum Space and Place—Adaptively Reused and Purpose-Built\n References\n 15 Sacred Objects and Conservation: The Changing Impact of Sacred Objects on Conservators\n The Emergence of Conservation\n The Treatment of Indigenous Sacred Objects\n Australian Aboriginal Sacred Art\n The Museum Setting\n The Gupapuyngu Bark Painting Project\n References\n 16 Collecting and Research in the Museum of the History of Religion\n The Museum Today\n The Future of the Museum: Virtual Branches\n Reference\n 17 Studying, Teaching, and Exhibiting Religion: The Marburg Museum of Religions (Religionskundliche Sammlung)\n Looking Back into the Museum’s History\n Special Exhibitions on Various Aspects of Religions\n A Special Exhibition on Religious Diversity in Islam\n Conclusion: Looking Ahead into the Museum’s Future\n Notes\n References\nSection V Museum Interpretation of Religion and Religious Objects\n 18 Radical Hospitality: Approaching Religious Understanding in Art Museums\n Notes\n References\n 19 Islam and Museums: Learning and Outreach\n Contexts: “Educate or Perish”?1\n Tensions and Disappointments\n Learning about Islam?\n Reaching Out—Drawing In?\n Hajj: A Model Exhibition?\n And What Happens with Visitor Engagement in Museums of Islamic Culture in Islamic Countries?\n Conclusions\n Note\n References\n 20 Museums and Religion: Uneasy Companions\n References\n 21 Conversing with the Past: First-Person Religion Programming at Colonial Williamsburg\n The Rev. Gowan Pamphlet\n Conclusion\n Notes\n References\n 22 Religion in Museums for Families with Children\n Tackling Topics of Substance\n Developing Content Messages with Advisors\n Exhibit Design and Encounters with the “Real”\n Community Dialogue\n Impact\n References\n 23 Bringing the Sacred into Art Museums\n Notes\n Bibliography\nSection VI Presenting Religion in a Variety of Museums\n 24 Rich and Varied: Religion in Museums\n Religious Museums\n Scholarly Museums\n Rescue Museums\n “Many-Routes” Museums\n Community Harmony Museums\n Science Museums\n Art Museums\n Museums of the Human Story\n Note\n References\n 25 The Museum of Biblical Art: A Worthwhile Experiment\n Notes\n References\n 26 Missionary Museums\n The “Home Missionary Museum”\n The “Mission Field Museum”\n The “Missionary Heritage Museum”\n Conclusion\n Notes\n References\n 27 Religion at Glencairn Museum: Past, Present, and Future\n History and Mission\n Interpretive Vision and Audience Impact\n Note\n References\n Afterword: Looking to the Future of Religionin Museums\n References\nIndex

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