Suffering and the Christian Life

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نام کتاب : Suffering and the Christian Life
عنوان ترجمه شده به فارسی : رنج و زندگی مسیحی
سری :
نویسندگان : ,
ناشر : T&T CLARK
سال نشر : 2020
تعداد صفحات : 221
ISBN (شابک) : 9780567687234 , 9780567687258
زبان کتاب : English
فرمت کتاب : pdf
حجم کتاب : 3 مگابایت

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Title Page\nCopyright Page\nContents\nContributors\nIntroduction\nChapter 1: Suffering, Sin and Death in Paul\n ‘Dying with’ and ‘suffering with’\n Romans 6.8: ‘Dying with’\n Romans 8.13: ‘Putting to Death’\n Romans 8.17: Suffering with Christ\n Conclusions\nChapter 2: Giving the Self Through Death: A Crucified Christ as Gift in Galatians\nChapter 3: Gregory of Nyssa on Pain, Pleasure and the Good: An Early Christian Perspective on Redemptive Suffering\n Pleasure, pain and the good\n Blessed persecution\n Martyrs as the antithesis of Adam and Eve\n Conclusion\nChapter 4: Gregory of Nazianzus on the Role of Satan in Human Suffering\n Gregory’s vision of hostile powers\n The fall\n Existence on earth alongside powers of opposition\n Christ, the devil and human suffering\n Victory over powers of opposition\n Conclusion\nChapter 5: Suffering, Dereliction and Affliction in Christian Mysticism\n Conclusion\nChapter 6: Protesy theism, Aquinas and Suferring\n Conclusion\nChapter 7: Suffering and the desire for God in John of the Cross\n Conclusion\nChapter 8: Stop Kissing me: Reading Mother Teresa with Bonaventure’s help\nChapter 9: ‘There is Still a Lot of Pollution in There’: Undoing Violent Ideologies, Undoing the Self\nChapter 10: Reading Simone Weil in East London: Destitution, Decreation and the History of Force\n Returning to Weil\n Negotiating the border: Time, temporality and the asylum system\n Force as a social relation\n Decreation\n Spaces of appearance: Speaking and acting through texts and traditions\n Conclusion: Epiphanies of the human, epiphanies of the divine\nChapter 11: Reflections on Suffering and Bipolar Disorder: Three forms of Suffering\n Catherine’s story: What kind of suffering accompanies mental health challenges?\n Bipolar disorder as suffering: A place where God is not\n Bipolar disorder as spiritual joy\n The shadow side of spiritual joy: Repercussions\n What kind of suffering accompanies bipolar disorder? Three forms of suffering\n The suffering that emerges from living with bipolar disorder\n The suffering that emerges from particular theological responses to suffering\n The suffering that emerges from the threat to Catherine’s vocation, identity and desire\n Conclusion\nChapter 12: Should I Love my Tumour?\n The dis-integration of the body\n Towards an alternative rhetoric\nChapter 13: Depressive Suffering as Tragic Suffering: Theological Insights and Trajectories\n Suffering and salvation in comedy and tragedy\n Depressive suffering as tragic suffering\n Furthering tragic vision with depression narratives\nChapter 14: The Seductions of Kenosis\n Kenosis, vulnerability and fragility: The issue\n Conversations on love and suffering: Some observations\n Drawing the strands together: The seductions of kenosis\nChapter 15: On Vulnerability\nChapter 16: Living Sacrifice: Is there a non-pathological way of Living Suffering as Sacrifice?\n Introduction\n Assumed principles\n A dangerous family of ideas\n Thinking differently about suffering\n Living suffering as loving, life-giving, self-giving – or living sacrifice differently\nIndex

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