The Inbetweenness of Things: Materializing Mediation and Movement between Worlds

دانلود کتاب The Inbetweenness of Things: Materializing Mediation and Movement between Worlds

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کتاب درون بین چیزها: مادی شدن میانجیگری و حرکت بین دنیاها نسخه زبان اصلی

دانلود کتاب درون بین چیزها: مادی شدن میانجیگری و حرکت بین دنیاها بعد از پرداخت مقدور خواهد بود
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توضیحاتی در مورد کتاب The Inbetweenness of Things: Materializing Mediation and Movement between Worlds

نام کتاب : The Inbetweenness of Things: Materializing Mediation and Movement between Worlds
عنوان ترجمه شده به فارسی : درون بین چیزها: مادی شدن میانجیگری و حرکت بین دنیاها
سری :
نویسندگان :
ناشر : Bloomsbury Academic
سال نشر : 2017
تعداد صفحات : 297
ISBN (شابک) : 9781474264778 , 9781474264808
زبان کتاب : English
فرمت کتاب : pdf
حجم کتاب : 71 مگابایت

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Cover\nHalf Title\nTitle\nCopyright\nContents\nFigures\nList of contributors\nAcknowledgements\n1 The inbetweenness of things\n A cabinet of curiosities\n Fetish\n Rhizome\n Gift\n Prism\n References\nMuseums as sites of inbetweenness\n 2 The inbetweenness of the vitrine: Three parerga of a feather headdress\n The plume, the vitrine and the parergon\n Vitrine 1: Schloss Ambras, Innsbruck, 1595\n Vitrine 2: Museum für Völkerkunde, Vienna, 2012\n Vitrine 3: Museo Nacional de Antropología, Mexico City, 1940\n Conclusion – smashing the vitrines?\n Note\n References\n 3 The buzz of displacement: Liminality among Burmese court objects in Oxford, London and Yangon\n Orientations\n Separation\n Liminality\n Reincorporations\n Concluding remarks\n Notes\n References\n 4 Object and spirit agency: The G’psgolox poles as mediators within and between colonized and colonizer cultures\n Introduction\n The journey of the G’psgolox poles in and between cultures\n The power of objects\n Spirit agency\n The G’psgolox poles and their spirits\n Notes\n References\nMasquerades and mediation\n 5 At the centre of everything? A Nigerian mask and its histories\n Meeting Onogidi\n The mask and its attachments\n Overt male authority and covert female power\n From ekuecici to ekuobanyi\n Onogidi’s genealogy\n Ownership and performance\n Ec’ane, the ‘feast of women’: The ritual cycle and the marking of time\n Ec’ane, Onogidi, performance and inter-lineage collaboration\n Emblematic or inbetween?\n References\n 6 Amòdu and the material manifestation of Eégún\n The cloth closest to the masquerade is called Jépè\n Categories and divisions\n Gesture\n Manifestation and the productive inbetween\n Note\n References\nSyncretism, intercession and iconoclash\n 7 Desire, imitation and ambiguity in Asmat sculpture\n Acknowledgement\n References\n 8 Animating relationships: Inca conopa and modern illa as mediating objects\n Social relations between people and things: Mediating objects\n Illa: The sympathetic communicative power of objects\n Conopa: The Inca state’s insertion within household rituals\n Seek and destroy: La Extirpación de la Idolotría en el Perú\n Display objects: Conopa and illa as museum accessions\n Objects are always inbetween\n Acknowledgements\n References\n 9 Visual diplomacy: Art circulation and iconoclashes in the Kingdom of Bamum\n International relations and material exchanges\n Competitive displays and commercial entrepreneurship\n Ambiguous objects and iconoclashes\n Semantic brokerage and canonical inventions\n Blurred boundaries and contaminated taxonomies\n Notes\n References\nHybridity in form and function\n 10 Mediating between Mayas and the art market: The traditional-yet-contemporary carved gourd vessel\n History and usage of gourds\n The inbetweenness of carved gourds\n Agency, messages and mediation\n Conclusion\n Notes\n References\n 11 Queen Victoria’s Samoan bonnet\n Introduction\n The Samoan bonnet\n Turtleshell\n Missionaries\n Clothing as a weapon of conversion\n The West on the head\n Missionary collections\n Thomas Heath: Collecting the bonnet\n The inbetweenness of the bonnet\n Mimicry as inbetweenness\n Creative transculturation\n Conclusions\n Notes\n References\n 12 The indigenization of the transcultural teacup in colonial Canada\n Encountering Indigenous teacups\n Theorizing the teacups\n The inbetweenness of tea culture\n Indigenous integration of ‘European’ teacups\n Settler markets for Indigenous teacups\n Conclusion: Indigenous teacups today\n Acknowledgements\n Notes\n References\nBetween image, text and object\n 13 ‘Curious statues so cunningly contrived’: Plato’s Silenus, inwardness and inbetweenness\n Plato’s Silenus\n Between metaphor and the material\n Significant insides: Some Silenic models\n Writing the Silenus-figure\n Beyond fixed dichotomies\n References\n 14 Coinage between cultures: Mediating power in Roman Macedonia\n Ambiguity\n Mobility\n Appropriation\n Unfamiliarity?\n Acceptability\n Conclusions\n References\nIndex

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