The School of Salamanca: a case of global knowledge production

دانلود کتاب The School of Salamanca: a case of global knowledge production

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کتاب مدرسه سالامانکا: موردی از تولید دانش جهانی نسخه زبان اصلی

دانلود کتاب مدرسه سالامانکا: موردی از تولید دانش جهانی بعد از پرداخت مقدور خواهد بود
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توضیحاتی در مورد کتاب The School of Salamanca: a case of global knowledge production

نام کتاب : The School of Salamanca: a case of global knowledge production
عنوان ترجمه شده به فارسی : مدرسه سالامانکا: موردی از تولید دانش جهانی
سری : Max Planck studies in global legal history of the Iberian worlds 2
نویسندگان : , ,
ناشر : Brill
سال نشر : 2021
تعداد صفحات : 445
ISBN (شابک) : 9789004449732 , 9789004449749
زبان کتاب : English
فرمت کتاب : pdf
حجم کتاب : 6 مگابایت

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Half Title
Series Information
Title Page
Copyright Page
Notes on Contributors
Chapter 1 The School of Salamanca: A Case of Global Knowledge Production
1 Introduction
2 Constructing the “School of Salamanca”
3 Deconstructing the “School of Salamanca”
4 System-Building and Daily Practice
5 Ars Inveniendi
6 The School as an Epistemic Community and a Community of Practice
7 A Knowledge-Historical Perspective on the “School of Salamanca”
8 The School of Salamanca as a Case of Global Knowledge Production
Chapter 2 Salamanca in the New World: University Regulation or Social Imperatives?
1 Introduction
2 Rise and Fall
3 The University’s Past: From the First Apologetic Approaches to the New Critical Analysis
4 Salamanca and the Indies
5 Dictate Laws: Apply Laws?
6 Beyond the Rules: Readers, Graduates, and Readings
Chapter 3 Observance against Ambition: The Struggle for the Chancellor’s Office at the Real Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala (1686–1696)
1 Introduction
2 The Controversial Hold
3 New Foundations for New Establishments
4 The Fight over the Chancellorship: Face-Off
5 The Fight over the Chancellorship: Showdown
6 The Fight over the Chancellorship: Attrition
7 The Fight over the Chancellorship: Outcomes
8 Afterword
Chapter 4 The Influence of Salamanca in the Iberian Peninsula: The Case of the Faculties of Theology of Coimbra and Évora
1 Introduction
2 Spain in Portugal: Men and Manuscripts
3 The Curricula Studiorum
4 The Output of Coimbra and Évora
5 Conclusion (with a Sample of Salamanca’s Doctrinal Influence)
Chapter 5 From Fray Alonso de la Vera Cruz to Fray Martín de Rada: The School of Salamanca in Asia
1 Some Biographical Notes on One of Vitoria´s American Disciples: The Intellectual Formation of Alonso de la Vera Cruz at Salamanca
2 The First Cultural, Educational, and Scientific Centres in Michoacán
3 The Common Interests of Mexican Augustinians Trained at Salamanca: Vera Cruz and Rada on Astronomy, Cosmography, Architecture, and Buying Books
4 The Writings of Alonso de la Vera Cruz and Martín de Rada: Juridical-Political Relectiones and Pareceres, Letters to Authorities, Travel Accounts, Logic, Natural Philosophy
5 Sharing the Critical Perspective on the Conquest with Their Salamanca Masters
6 Conclusion
Chapter 6 Creating Authority and Promoting Normative Behaviour: Confession, Restitution, and Moral Theology in the Synod of Manila (1582–1586)
1 Introduction
2 The Practical Problems of Establishing Social Norms in a New Society
3 Justifying the Conquest of the New World
4 Creating Moral Authority: The Debate over the Just Title to the Philippines
5 Restitution in solidum
6 Policing Royal Officials: The Binding of Positive Law to the Internal Forum
7 Conclusion
Chapter 7 “Sepamos, Señores, en que ley vivimos y si emos de tener por nuestra regla al Consejo de Indias”: Salamanca in the Philippine Islands
1 Introduction
2 Domingo de Salazar: The Trajectory of a Disciple of Vitoria
3 Salazar’s Report to the Third Provincial Council of Mexico and Other Reports by the Same Author
4 The Third Provincial Council of Mexico: A Community of Ideas and Values
5 Royal Patronage in Salazar’s Report to the Third Provincial Council of Mexico
6 Concluding Remarks. Beyond the Alma Mater: An Active Group of “Salamantine” Churchmen Involved in the Evangelisation and Politics of the Indies
Chapter 8 “Mirando las cosas de cerca”: Indigenous Marriage in the Philippines in the Light of Law and Legal Opinions (17th–18th Centuries)
1 Introduction
2 The University of Santo Tomas de Manila: Foundation and Character
3 The University as the Source of Opinions on Legal and Moral Cases
4 Juan de Paz (1622–1698) and His Consultas
5 “Mirando las cosas de cerca”
6 Translating Custom
7 When Custom Was Inadmissible
8 Francisco Martínez’s Opinion
9 Lawful Marriage for the Salvation of Souls
10 Concluding Notes
Chapter 9 The Influence of the School of Salamanca in Alonso de la Vera Cruz’s De dominio infidelium et iusto bello: First relectio in America
1 Introduction
2 Beyond Vitoria: “El Tostado” (1410–1455), Martínez Silíceo (1477–1557), and Other Salamanca Masters behind the Writings of Alonso de la Vera Cruz
3 De Indis and De dominio infidelium Confronted: Similar Methods and Questions, Different Authorities and Answers
4 “Localising” Vitoria: The Emergence of the Facts and the Inapplicability of Vitoria’s Secular Titles for Just War
Chapter 10 Producing Normative Knowledge between Salamanca and Michoacán: Alonso de la Vera Cruz and the Bumpy Road of Marriage
1 Introduction
2 “Viviendo así empapelada su memoria”: Vera Cruz’s Books and Marginalia, “Point Zero” of a Process of Global Knowledge Production
3 The Salamanca Masters in the Speculum Coniugiorum: Vitoria “by Ear”; the Overwhelming Presence of Soto, Covarrubias, and Azpilcueta; the Decisive Authority of El Tostado
4 Building Bridges between Europe and the Indies: Native American Matrimonial Customs Studied against the Backdrop of the Christian Schism
5 From Opinions to Norms: Vera Cruz’s Fight for the Transformation of His Doctrines into Pontifical Bulls and Reales Cédulas
Chapter 11 Legal Education at the University of Córdoba (1767–1821): From the Colony to the Homeland: A Reinterpretation of the Salamanca Tradition from a New Context
1 Introduction. University, Theology, and Law: A Reinterpretation of the Salmantine Legal Tradition
2 The Jesuit University (1613–1767): Political Pactism, Moral Probabilism, and Canon Law. The University Library
3 After the Expulsion (1767–1807): Correction of Doctrines and Expurgation of the Library – the Constitutions of 1784: Did the University Move away from Salamanca?
4 The Times of Dean Funes (1808–1821) – Melchor Cano’s Book – Derecho Patrio, Natural Law, and Law of Nations – The Defensive Closure of Dogmatic Theology
5 Retreat to Religion: New Justifications with Old Materials (A Reinterpretation of the Salmantine Tradition)

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