Translation Effects: The Shaping of Modern Canadian Culture

دانلود کتاب Translation Effects: The Shaping of Modern Canadian Culture

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کتاب تأثیرات ترجمه: شکل‌دهی فرهنگ مدرن کانادایی نسخه زبان اصلی

دانلود کتاب تأثیرات ترجمه: شکل‌دهی فرهنگ مدرن کانادایی بعد از پرداخت مقدور خواهد بود
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نام کتاب : Translation Effects: The Shaping of Modern Canadian Culture
عنوان ترجمه شده به فارسی : تأثیرات ترجمه: شکل‌دهی فرهنگ مدرن کانادایی
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ناشر : McGill-Queen's University Press
سال نشر : 2014
تعداد صفحات : 495
ISBN (شابک) : 9780773590588
زبان کتاب : English
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Cover\nTitle\nCopyright\nContents\nTables and Illustrations\nAcknowledgments\nIntroduction\nPart One: Translating Media and the Arts\n 1. 1885, 1998: Translating Big Bear in Film\n 2. 1950–1956: An Interventionist Approach to Versioning at the National Film Board of Canada\n 3. October 2006: Territoires et trajectoires Is Launched in Montreal and “Cultural Race Politics” Are Introduced to Quebec\n 4. June 2007: Quebec Politicians Debate a Bill to Impose Strict Controls on Audiovisual Translation, and Fail to Pass It\n 5. Summer 2008: Pays de la Sagouine: Cultural Translation at an Acadian Theme Park\nPart Two: Translating Politics\n 6. February 1968: Acadian Activism and the Discontents of Translation\n 7. 1970: The October Crisis and the FLQ Manifesto\n 8. 1971: Pierre Vallières Comes to English Canada via the United States\n 9. January/February 1977: Independence, Secession, Political Duels or Lévesque and Trudeau in the United States\n 10. 2007: Translating Culture during the Bouchard-Taylor Commission\nPart Three: Translating Poetry, Fiction, Essays\n 11. 1923: “Foreign” Immigrants Write Back: The Publication of Laura Goodman Salverson’s The Viking Heart\n 12. September 1970: Publication of a “Monologue” on Translation\n 13. 11 September 1973: Latin America Comes to Canada\n 14. 1978: Language Escapes: Italian-Canadian Authors Write in an Official Language and Not in Italiese\n 15. 1984: Disquieting Equivalents: David Homel Retranslates Le cassé by Quiet Revolution Novelist Jacques Renaud\n 16. 1989: The Heyday of Feminist Translational Poetics in Canada:Tessera’s Spring Issue on La traduction au féminin comme réécriture\n 17. 1992: Translating Montreal’s Yiddish Poet Jacob Isaac Segal into French\n 18. 1992: Through Translation, Mordecai Richler’s Oh Canada! Oh Quebec! Generates Controversy in English and French\n 19. 1998: The Artefactual Voice Within: Terry Glavin’s “Rain Language” Is Published\n 20. 1999: Cross-Purposes: Translating and Publishing Traditional First Nations Narratives in Canada at the Turn of the Millennium\n 21. 22 February 2001: Les Allusifs Enter the Publishing Scene\nPart Four: Translating Drama\n 22. 31 March 1973: Michel Tremblay’s Les belles-sœurs in Toronto: Theatre Translation and Bilingualism\n 23. 1974: Small West Coast Press Talonbooks Makes a Bold Move and Publishes Four Quebec Plays in Translation\n 24. 1977: Michel Tremblay’s Bonjour, là, bonjour in English at the Saidye Bronfman Centre Theatre: Jouissance, Translation, and a Choice of Taboos\n 25. 1984–2009: Robert Lepage Meets the Rest of Canada\n 26. 1992: Les belles-sœurs and Di shvegerins: Translating Québécois into Yiddish for the Montreal Stage\n 27. May 2006: East Meets West Coast in Canadian Noh: The Gull\n 28. February 2008: The Death of a Chief: Translating Shakespeare into Native Theatre\nPart Five: Performing Translation\n 29. 1974: The Weimar Republic Comes to Gay Toronto\n 30. 1986: Interpreting Effects: From Legislative Framework to End Users\n 31. 1997: The Supreme Court of Canada Rules that the Laws of Evidence Must Be Adapted to Accommodate Aboriginal Oral Histories\n 32. 20 October 2008: Translating Reconciliation\nContributors\nIndex\n A\n B\n C\n D\n E\n F\n G\n H\n I\n J\n L\n M\n N\n O\n P\n Q\n R\n S\n T\n U\n V\n W\n Y\n Z

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