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نام کتاب : Your Wife, Bigger Breasts
ویرایش : 2019
عنوان ترجمه شده به فارسی : همسر شما، سینه های بزرگتر
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زبان کتاب : English
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فهرست مطالب :

How to Convince Your Girlfriend or Wife to Get Bigger Breasts
If You are the Wife or Girlfriend
Ivan LeCasque
How It Began
July 4, 2010.
You can pull it off – and it’s worth it
The cross we bear
Women don’t have any idea what big breasts mean to men – nor do a lot of men
Coping with \'the problem\'
Easier if she already has implants
It’s not her fault you want them bigger
The Philosophy and the Strategy
Breast augmentation is not to fix a defect
Here’s the Strategy; It’s This Simple
Why it Will be Fun for Her
Where is She Starting From?
Start Your BreastQuest
You Begin: Initiating Conversation
Your Opening: While Having Sex
A Digression: The Return on Investment
Opening: What Did Your Ex Look Like?
Penile enhancement may come up. Be ready.
Your Opening: Voyeurism in Public
The Fake Quiz
The “Are You Serious About Me” list?
Breast Lift or Breast Implants, or Both
I’m a victim of nature, don’t take it personally
Making it Real
At first opposed
From the idea towards taking action
Don’t Focus Too Much on Breasts
Common Objections
But You KNEW My Breasts Were Small When You Married Me
If She Focuses on Horrible Outcomes
I Lost All This Weight, and It’s Not Enough??
Second-Guessing: Recovery Will Be Rough
Saturate the environment
The Toughest Objection: Children First
She starts to schedule it in her mind
She starts to visualize the recovery
Mail-Order Brides: The International Marriage
Reader Q&A: Don’t You Love Me As I Am?
From a Reader in Canada:
Meeting Plastic Surgeons
When surgeons are too conservative
They may change their story
Connect Her with Good Resources
Leading up to the Operation
What if I die? How dumb will that be?
A time for romance, and a time for sex
New activities
After the Operation
Mistakes to Avoid
By Popular Demand: Super-Sized Breasts
Going Very Large
The Appendix: Reactions from Women
Fantastic Positions: Once they’re BIG
Standing, from Behind
Oral Sex Standing / Knees
The ultimate in surrender
In Closing

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